professional technician servicing boiler in a houseBrooklyn Boiler Service and Brooklyn Boiler Repair

Boilers are long-lasting and generally reliable, yet they can still break down at any moment. But you don’t have to be a boiler repair expert to know what’s wrong with your heating system with The Heating Cooling Doctor on your side. Whether you need regular maintenance for your boiler system or need to take advantage of our 24/7 emergency service, if you need a boiler repair company, we are your best choice. The more time that goes by without getting an issue fixed, the worse your comfort level and safety are. If something is wrong with your boiler or heating system and you need heating service, call The Heating Cooling Doctors right away! We’re experts in all kinds of boiler service and boiler repair and will help you figure out what needs fixing, so you can get back to comfortable living as soon as possible.

How do you know if you need Boiler Service or Boiler Repair?

Hiring a handyman is usually the first thing that springs to mind when your boiler malfunctions. However, because of the potential of a shoddy repair, it’s highly advisable to hire an expert boiler repairman from the Heating Cooling Doctor instead. Our service rates are great – similar to any licensed, insured handyman. And you can be sure your boiler repair will be done right, the first time. Remember that if you have a malfunctioning or leaking boiler and it isn’t too old, there is a good chance it can be repaired, so it works a good as new. But only if it’s fixed by a boiler repair expert.  So if you detect any of the following, it’s important that you call your local Brooklyn boiler repair experts at The Heating Cooling Doctor right away:

  • The thermostat is working properly, but the boiler is not responding
  • The Boiler seems to be leaking
  • There is a noise coming out of the boiler (whistling, banging, gurgling)
  • The pilot light of the boiler switches off for no apparent reason

Boiler service and boiler repair in Brooklyn

When it comes to boiler repair, there are a variety of alternatives and options to select from, but The Heating Cooling Doctor stands out from the crowd due to several factors.

Why are we your smart choice?

  • We are well-regarded and experienced HVAC specialists, with over 17 years experience.
  • For your added security, our technicians are all background and drug tested.
  • We offer a guarantee on all of our services.
  • We can typically provide same-day services.
  • We are fully insured and bonded.
  • We are EPA Certified.

How much does it cost to have a boiler serviced or boiler repaired?

professional technician giving a boiler serviceIt depends upon the type of boiler you have, its age, and how frequently it was serviced before needing repairs or service. If your unit is a newer model boiler, it is most likely that your boiler service in Brooklyn, NY, will need a few issues to fix. But regularly servicing your boiler in Brooklyn, NY, will help you know what to expect when things go wrong. For a boiler more than 15 – 20 years old, there are many issues hat can come up. If your boiler is in this age range, the problem might require replacement parts or even a whole new boiler. But if you do need a new boiler, don’t feel too bad. New boilers are so much more energy efficient than older units, that the energy savings alone can pay for the cost of the new boiler in just a few years!

To obtain an accurate diagnosis and price quote for your situation, give us a call to set up a service appointment. One of our experts may perform a complete diagnostic on your boiler to determine the best solution. And best of all, The Heating Cooling Doctor provides boiler service and boiler repair at very competitive prices.

Types of Boilers We Work With

You may call The Heating Cooling Doctor for boiler repair regardless of the type of boiler you have. We have over 17 years of expertise working on heating systems in Brooklyn, so no matter what fuel they utilize, we can help. We are experts in electric boiler repair as well as natural gas boiler repair and oil boiler repair.

The Best Choice for Boiler Service and Boiler Repair in Brooklyn

You want to be sure you hire an expert for the scheduled boiler service and repair. Our experienced technicians handle boiler service and repair throughout Brooklyn, and perform everything with professional skill and precision. Because we recognize the importance of your comfort, we will strive to get you back to a more comfortable environment as soon as possible. The Heating Cooling Doctor enjoys a hard earned reputation for providing high-quality boiler maintenance in Brooklyn.  So if you need boiler service in Brooklyn, call us today at (646) 820-0196. We’re here to help!

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