Brooklyn Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation made by our techniciansEveryone needs water that’s safe to use. Water heaters in Brooklyn help make this possible, but they need to be installed correctly. Modern water heaters are either tankless or tank-based. The type of water heater required depends on many factors, including family size and how much hot water is used in a day.

Water heater installation is a job for a professional. To get the correct unit, they need to measure the required capacity of the hot water system as well as the plumbing setup. This is why you need an experienced company like The Heating Cooling Doctor for your water heater installation. We can help you make the right choice depending on your situation and needs.

Need repairs? The homeowner should never attempt a repair on their water heating systems. If it’s not working correctly, you need to call a professional Brooklyn water heater installation contractor right away. Water heating system installation is easy, but it can be dangerous and cause serious problems down the line if not done correctly.

Water heating systems are by design, filled with hot water, and that water may be under pressure, which can cause serious injury.

Signs You Might Need New Water Heating System

Determining whether or not you should purchase a new heater might be difficult. The Heating Cooling Doctor can help you decide. Water heating systems typically need replacement every 10 to 15 years.

Signs that it may be time for water heating system replacement include:

  • The Water Isn’t Hot Enough. Water that’s not hot enough is often a result of old age and sediment blocking the heater. Water heating systems will not reach maximum heat with this blockage.
  • Low Water Pressure. If you notice that the water pressure is low, it’s crucial to have a professional come out and test your heater to see if it should be replaced or cleaned. Water heating system cleaning costs less than replacement but should only be done when necessary since there is a risk of damage to the system.
  • Water Heater Working, but Your Water Isn’t Getting Warm. A water heater that’s working correctly will warm up your home even on the coldest days. If you notice that this isn’t happening, it may mean sediment buildup has caused heat flow problems. Water heating systems need to be cleaned and tested first before considering replacement.
  • Water Heating System Making Strange Noises or Gurgling Water. Noises from a water heating system are never normal and indicate a problem. This could be as minor as sediment buildup, which can be fixed by cleaning, but it could also mean corrosion has caused the unit to fail.
  • Water Heater Not Working at All. Water heater units that don’t work need to be fixed or replaced depending on the extent of the damage. Water heaters take a beating from everyday use but eventually wear down and break. Over time, sediment buildup can slow heat flow until it stops altogether, meaning that replacing the water heater is necessary.
  • Frequent Repairs. Water heating systems are not designed to be repaired often. You should have water heater maintenance performed at least once a year. But if your water heater requires frequent service, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the unit, and you should probably replace it.
  • Water Is Leaking. Water leaking from the water heating system is a major red flag that replacement needs to happen soon.
  • Water Is Cloudy. Water might be looking cloudy for a few reasons. One of those is sediment accumulation. Water also becomes cloudy when minerals or rust accumulate in the tank, but that’s even more dangerous than sediment because rust and mineral buildup can eat through metal tanks.
  • Water Smells Bad. Water that smells bad no matter how clean your home is generally signs of bacteria buildup. 
  • High Electricity Bill. Water heaters also use a lot of electricity to heat the water, so if you notice higher than average electric bills, it’s time to think about replacing your unit.

The Heating Cooling Doctor licensed technicians installing a new water heaterHire the Most Reliable Brooklyn Water Heater Installation

Water heater installation is not a project to take lightly. Water heating system replacement should only be carried out by a professional water heater installation company with years of experience and many references from past customers.

The Heating Cooling Doctor has been in the industry for over 20 years and offers the best water heater installation. Our team can fix your water heater, replace an old unit or install a new one which means you can get hot water on demand while paying a low price.

So if your water heater isn’t what it used to be, give us a call today at (646) 820-0196. We’ll take great care of you and make sure you have all the hot water you need.

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