Water Heater Repair in Brooklyn NY

professional technician providing maintenance for the water heaterAs we discussed in our most recent blog post, hydronic, or radiant, heating is an environmentally friendly, energy efficient option for heating the home. It can bring you and your loved ones great comfort and energy cost savings over time as well. Many of you reading this may already be experiencing the benefits of Hydronic Water Heater Maintenance in Brooklyn NY.

Like any other home heating system, hydronic systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly and at low risk of failing over time. At The Heating Doctor, we specialize in all types of home heating maintenance, including maintenance on hydronic heating systems.

A The Heating Doctor maintenance visit for hydronic systems includes a number of different checkpoints to assure ongoing performance, safety, energy savings and an extended life of the system.

We provide not only a Hydronic Water Heater Maintenance in Brooklyn NY, but also a tune-up and safety inspection to key areas of the system.

Technician doing a maintenance check for the water heaterThe Heating Doctor Difference maintenance visit includes a comprehensive check of the following areas of your hydronic heat system:

  • Combustion – We heck and clean the burner, look for blockage of combustion air openings, check for free flow of air, and examine safety controls.
  • Circulator and zone valve operation – We check for leaks in flanges and stems and proper valve opening/closing for zoned heat delivery.
  • Expansion tank – We check for proper air charge and recharge if needed. We also check the bladder and tank, air vents and air eliminators.
  • Hydronic glycol – We examine fluid pH and if it has become degraded, recharge it.
  • Pressure Relief Valve – We purge the system of stagnant water, clear any debris, check and replace the pressure relief valve if necessary.
  • Shut-off/drain faucets – We fix or replace if the faucet dripping.
  • Wiring – We examine zone control wiring and assure proper performance.
  • Valves – We check the water inlet, shut-off to expansion tank, ISO valves, return line bypass valves, and all zone and loop shut-off valves.
    Baseboard radiation – We make sure radiators are open, clean, and unobstructed by furniture or debris.

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