Heater Installation in Brooklyn NY

Steam boilers and water tanks should be maintained at least once a year to keep them running efficiently. Over time, you will experience general wear and tear which requires regular maintenance to ensure proper usage. To keep your boiler running in top condition, we set up a simple routine service to make sure that your boiler is receiving proper care year-round. The Heating Doctor has the capability to Heater Installation in Brooklyn NY any type of hot water tank or boiler. For repairs, installations, and check-ups contact the experts at The Heating Doctor.


Let us handle your toughest heating problems with our professional repair and replacement services. Our heating professionals will first inspect your system to get right to the source of the problem, and then provide expert advice about how you can save on your heating bill while avoiding potential problems down the line. Our technicians have fully stocked trucks to make on the spot repairs to get your heating systems back up and running.

Heating Ductwork Installation Brooklyn NY

If you are experiencing problems getting warm air in your home, contact us to a new Heating ductwork Installation Brooklyn NY. With the continuously changing HVAC installation laws, put trust in our professional technicians to make sure that your installation meets all safety regulations.

Space Heaters

Many homeowners use whole-house space heaters to provide efficient whole-house heating. Our team is here to help you determine which heater is right for your home. We will provide you with expert advice to help you protect your home.

Zoned Heating

Zoned heating allows you to comfortably control your home’s temperature. Whether you’re looking to cut heating costs or gain more control of the temperature of your home, our team is here to help.

Radiant Heating Systems Brooklyn

Radiant heating is one of the most efficient heating systems. It is different from traditional heating because the heat starts from the floor and travels upwards, making sure to target everything in the room. Homeowners will notice a more stable and comfortable indoor temperature. Whether you’re interested in a simple repair or you’d like to Heating Installation in Brooklyn NY, our team can handle the job.