Merchant's House Museum

Merchant’s House Museum

The Merchant’s House Museum is a nineteenth-century family home in New York City. It is located at 29 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003. It was once known as the Old Merchant’s House, and was also known as the Seabury Tredwell House. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful homes in the city, and is a must-see for anyone who loves New York history.

Built in 1832, the Old Merchant’s House has four-story Greek Revival architecture, including a distinctive dormer window. The home was owned by the Seabury Tredwell family from 1835 until 1933. It was then opened as a house museum in 1936. The museum was then managed by the Historic Landmarks Society, which was established by George Chapman.

The Merchant’s House Museum is located at 29 East Fourth Street in Manhattan. It offers a comprehensive look at the life of wealthy merchants in the 19th century. The museum’s 1832-built house is the only preserved 19th-century family home in New York City. The house is filled with original furnishings and personal possessions. You can also enjoy tours of the neighborhood and take part in virtual events. A great place to also visit is Staten Island Museum.

The building’s structural integrity is being threatened by a new construction project next door. A developer on the adjacent plot has filed an application for a new building at 27 East 4th Street, which would be much taller than the historic home. The developer’s proposed building could cause irreversible damage to the 189-year-old home. It is estimated that the new building will take two years to complete, and if it goes through, the museum will close for two years while construction takes place.

Since its restoration began in the 1960s, the Merchant’s House has been the site of various special events, lectures, and exhibitions. In addition, the museum’s educational program teaches visitors about architectural terms and the history of the area. The museum is also known for its innovative conservation techniques. During the renovation process, the Old Merchant’s House was under the care of a team of architects at New York University.

The Merchant’s House Museum’s collection of 19th-century art, clothing, and furnishings is housed in a five-story Greek Revival building. The building has been recognized as a landmark since the 1960s. The museum has many events and special exhibitions throughout the year, including an ongoing research program that uses state-of-the-art conservation techniques. The museum is an important place for visitors who want to learn about nineteenth-century life in New York.

Located on a beautiful tree-lined street, the Merchant’s House is a home that has been preserved. The museum tells the story of the Tredwell family, a family of wealthy merchants. The Tredwells’ lifestyle was simple, yet grand. The staff are warm and welcoming. While the building is not perfect, it is an exciting place to visit. The atmosphere and collections are truly unique. Browse around the site.

The Merchant’s House Museum is located on East 4th Street in NoHo and is one of the oldest preserved family houses in the city. The collection focuses on life in the nineteenth century, and contains many items that once belonged to the Tredwell family.